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Friday, June 26, 2015

Whatever Fridays, I'm not looking to impress anyone!

Whatever Fridays, I'm not looking to impress anyone!

Whatever Fridays, I'm not looking to impress anyone!
Whatever Fridays, I'm not looking to impress anyone!
Actions will always speak louder than words.
So when I hear a person in any type of business say(write) those words.
It makes me lift a brow, and take a long hard look at the person.

For anyone in sales, be it on or offline.
First impressions have a big impact on the people you cross paths with.

People determine in the first 5 minutes if they like you or not, in face to face meetings.
I'm not looking to impress anyone!
I'm not looking to impress anyone!
Online people, click on your social profiles, your About Me Pages to determine if they want to spend their time to get to know you better or not.
They are looking for something that they have in common and can relate to you with.
Sales Pitches won't give them something to relate to you.

I will admit to playing to the 5 minute rule when it comes to business people.
I am out to impress a certain type of business people and marketers.
I have an attitude of :
Some Will, Some Won't, So What?
Some Will, Some Won't, So What?  
Life is to short, for me to spend time on the Some Won't.
My most recent About Me is:
They use that to make their decisions.
Don't Judge a Book by it's Cover.
Don't Judge a Book by it's Cover.
I've been hearing that all my whole life, and as a child I was lucky enough to cross paths with a New York tycoon.  He was old school, he had built his empire in the times of the great depression(1930's).  It was him that really sunk that phrase into me.

My first impression of the man:
Just a Train Hopping Hobo.
Just a Train Hopping Hobo.
Spinning a whopper of a tail, and I wasn't shy about telling him so either.

The man laughed at me and dug out his business card and handed it to me.  Told me, my local library should have the book of Who's Who.  I was a teen I really didn't care who the dust cover 3 piece suited guy was, I passed the business card to my father, told him whatever it was my mother wanted me to tell him, then headed off to do my thing.

My father was excited, and he dragged me to the library the next day so I could read the page in Who's Who about the man.  I don't remember which store it was the man had built.  It was one of the big named ones in New York, and there was no question it was indeed the man in the flesh since there was a picture of him in the book as well.  So my father dragged me with him to the coffee shop to meet the man again.
I once meet and Old School, Businessman From New York.
I once meet and Old School, Businessman From New York.
The first question I asked the man, that if he was really worth millions why in Gods name was he Hoboing instead of traveling in style?  He laughed.

To get back to my roots.  To get a feel for the real world.  To talk to the average Joe, learn what problems they are facing these days.  I can't do that if I'm traveling in style.
Wonder if that Old Man crossed Paths with the guys Behind UnderCover Boss?
Wonder if that Old Man crossed Paths with the guys Behind UnderCover Boss?
Being a teen I stuck my hand out to him asking to see his wallet.  He laughed as he dug it out to hand it to me.  For me it was a disappointment.  He had some business cards and his I.D.  There wasn't a single dollar bill in it or even a plastic credit card.  I don't know what my face looked like when I looked up at him after I really dug around in his wallet in search for some cash, but it made him laugh.

So my next question of him was:
How was he getting by with an Empty Wallet?
How was he getting by with an Empty Wallet?
He returned by asking me how much I thought the store owner would pay him to wash the windows or pick up the trash in the parking lot.

I shrugged my shoulders and told him I didn't know.  He looked at my dad who answered it had to be worth a good twenty, which is something you need because our town has a vagrant law.  He said as he took the man's wallet from me to give back to him.

He asked my father if he knew who the owner of the store was, dad pointed him out.  I watched as the man stood up and headed off to talk to the store owner.  He came back a few minutes later to take his suit jacket off and get busy washing the windows and picking up trash.
A ruined $3,000 Business Suit.
A ruined $3,000 Business Suit.
I've never been one that keeps up with fashion but I wanted to check out his suit.  It had one of those high end labels and when he returned. I asked him how much the suit was worth.  He smiled and said it was around 3,000.00.

He got a chuckle out of me telling him he was crazy for running around in such a good suit that he would certainly have to destroy when he got home, cause there is just some smells that won't come out, and I knew that he had crossed paths with a skunk.  He then asked me what I learned.  My face made him laugh again.  Cause I bet like you, I didn't get the question.  And the question wasn't about me checking out his suit.  Once he stopped laughing he explain it to me.

While I was washing the windows and picking up trash what did you see?
Just a man working
Just a man working
A man working. Is what I replied and he smiled at me, as he waved the twenty dollar bill in front of him.  If you remember I asked him how he was getting by without money.

He again asked me what did I learn?  I shrugged my shoulders at him.

There are jobs all around you, if you bother to look.  Look out the window and tell me if you see how you can make some money, just like I did.  That time I laughed at him.

I'm not going to go out there and pick up trash.

Why not?  I did it, Why can't you?  What makes you any different from me?  is what he asked me.

Your worth millions I'm not.  Was what I told him, he smiled and chuckled at me and said one word to me before he sipped on his tea and chatted with my father.

Pride.  It's having a Vacation.
Pride.  It's having a Vacation.
Many times over the years I have sent my Pride on a Vacation.
Reminding myself of that old Business Tycoon from New York.

So with my story coming to an end.
I can tell you that I have only found Two Men, so far,
that are busy leading by their actions instead of words.

Gary Vaynerchuk.
Corey Franklin.
Do you know of any others that are out there leading with their actions instead of words?
I know there has got to be more than just these two, and I could sure use your help in becoming aware of them.
 I'm not looking to impress anyone
 I'm not looking to impress anyone T-shirt

Hope you are having a Great Whatever Friday.

Hope you have an even Greater Weekend.  

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