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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Off the Wall-Wednesday. I Am A-Ok! Are you?

Off the Wall-Wednesday 6-17-2015
Off the Wall-Wednesday.  I Am A-Ok!  Are you?
Off the Wall-Wednesday.  I Am A-Ok!  Are you?
Hope this Off the Wall-Wednesday is finding you Healthy, Wealthy and Wise.

For me I'm big on Personal Growth.
But some days I find I am lacking in Self Confidences when I am dealing with my son and others.
 I Am Amazing!  Are you?
 I Am Amazing!  Are you?
I know I'm not alone in the fact that there are times when we find ourselves lacking in Self Confidence, and when the situation is over we begin to critique ourselves.
 I Am Happy!  Are you?
 I Am Happy!  Are you?
It is in those times we become our worst enemy.  No one wants to admit to a peer that they are clueless to what the other person is talking about.  It's a flat out fear of losing face in front of a peer.  We want to impress the peer but in the end, we just end up looking the fool.
 I Am Astounding!  Are you?
 I Am Astounding!  Are you?
I know to many, my online presence makes me look like a scattered brain fool.  Trying to learn too many things all at once.  Juggling being a business woman, a mother, and the provider for my family.  Trying to wear so many hats all at the same time, makes me want to cling to my video hat even more, in search of my inner strength to keep pushing forward.
 I Am What I Am!  Are you?
 I Am What I Am!  Are you?
I have never been one who easily gives up on something that I want.  
How about you?
Do you lack in Self Confidence? 
What fear is holding you back from going after what YOU want in life?
 I Am The Cat's Meow!  Are you?
 I Am The Cat's Meow!  Are you?
I Am Statements.  Are Self Confidence building tools that anyone can use to work on to strengthen their Self Confidence and Personal Growth.

If you have a G+ account you can check out my page Love Yourself with Personal Growth.
There you will find a daily I Am Statement.

How to use I Am Statements to build your Self Confidence.
 I Am A-Ok!  Are you?
 I Am A-Ok!  Are you?
You say I Am *_* out loud.  Example "I Am A-Ok."
Building your Self Confidence doesn't work if you don't say the words out loud.
Your mind can not confirm or deny the truth in the words, unless you say the words out loud.

If you mind denies the truth in the words, you spoken then you know it's an I Am Statement that you will need to work on.

You do that by saying the statement out loud, through your day.

For me, I work on my statements ever time I go to the bathroom.
I look myself in the eyes in the mirror as I'm washing my hands, to say the I Am Statements.
I have a list of I Am Statements that I go through every morning.
When I get to one that my mind denies, that is the I Am Statement that I focus on for the day.
 I Am Organized!  Are you?
 I Am Organized!  Are you?
Yes, it is one of my I Am Statements that I've been working really hard to make into being a part of who I Am.  I will get there, may not be today, but I know one of these morning, my mind will confirm that once again I Am Organized.

I Am *_*!  Are you?
I Am *_*!  Are you?
I am 1 of a Kind in the Universe.  
You will either like me and want to get to know more about me, or Hate Me.

Want to tell me how I can improve myself?
Want to ask me a question?  
Got an Idea you want to bounce off me?
Want to tell me why you hate me?  

That is what the comment section below is for.
Use it to express yourself.

Hope you have a great Off the Wall-Wednesday.

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