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Friday, March 27, 2015

What to do? Job or Hobby?

What to do? Job or Hobby?

Do you pursue after a paying job that you know you will get paid at.  
Knowing you most likely won't be happy doing?
Do you pursue after a hobby you know makes you happy, but don't know if you can make a living doing?

What do you do?

A Hobby is an activity or interest pursued for pleasure or relaxation not as a main occupation.

Get a Job. You got to eat.

You need money to buy supplies for your hobby don't you?

Why can't you do both?
I really don't understand why you are putting an or in the question.

I know I've seen a lot of articles lately about how you can turn your hobby into a job.
But here is a New Flash, by the definitions of the words, a job isn't a hobby, and a hobby isn't a job.

There are people out there making a good living at jobs that once was nothing more then a hobby of theirs.  They are happy successful people working at jobs that they love to do.

Those people didn't come out of High School, knowing that they could make a good living by working at one of their hobbies.

They worked at a job so they could eat, and have money to buy supplies for their hobbies.
Making a little pocket change selling their products or services, once in a while.

You said yourself you don't know if you can make a living with your hobby.

It's time to be a man(woman).  Get a job so you can pay for your own supplies for your hobbies.

Laws of Nature says you are going to out live your parents.

There will come a time that they won't be there to support you any longer.
Prepare, Prepare, Prepare for that day to come.

Get a Job, Get a Job, Get a Job.
Play with your hobby when your not working, and one morning may come, when you wake up to find that you can make a better living by making your hobby into a job.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Off the Wall- Wednesday March 25, 2015

Off the Wall- Wednesday March 25, 2015
Well, Spring Break is over for us.
My son got 4 of his 14 stitches removed.
We didn't go for ice cream.
We went on a road trip to Idabel, Oklahoma.
To the Museum of the Red River in Idabel, Oklahoma.
Going to see the Oklahoma Dinosaur is something we had been talking about for awhile.

So I discovered that he is just a casting of the State Dinosaur of Oklahoma.
But that didn't take away how impressive he was.
I really like this picture of my son and the Dino.
My daughter is taking her own pictures for her scrap book.
This pic didn't turn out as good as I had hoped, but standing next to him on ground level; it made me feel small.  I didn't find out how tall he is, but I did find out that he is 40 feet long.
It rained on us off and on the whole road trip.
After the Museum, we went in search of food.
It didn't click with me that we were in Big Foot Country.
Then I saw this Iron Big Foot, on our search for food.  He's certainly an eye catcher,
but I can't tell you where I was when we crossed paths with him since we got lost in our search for food.
In our family if we don't get lost on a road trip at least once it's not a road trip.
After we ate, I put my son in the front seat.  I sat in the back with my daughter.
We cat napped on the three hour trip back home.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Is your Life Free of Mistakes?

Is your Life Free of Mistakes?

I don't know about you, but if I find someone who says yes to that answer.
I'll be asking them next what hole they are living in?
I'll seriously be wondering to myself if the person is actually human.
All joking aside.

Mistakes are embarrassing, and most people don't want anyone to see their mistakes.
Mistakes tend to make the person lose face.  Especially in the Business World.

When one steps outside their comfort zone, Mistakes are certainly going to happen.
When a Mistake is made you will feel a lot of different emotions as well.
For me when my son pointed out my mistake in my video.
I said a lot of curse words along with a roller coaster of emotions.
So when a mistake is made How do you own it?
Well for starters if you haven't clicked the publish button it can be fixed easily by replacing it with a mistake free version.
For me I was unlucky, to have already pushed the publish button.
So I'm going to own it.
I edited the video adding the corrections in text to the video.
Seconds after my son pointed out my mistake.

Here are some more links on How to Own Your Mistakes.






Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Off the Wall- Wednesday March 18, 2015

Off the Wall- Wednesday March 18, 2015
Spring Break
For my kids their Spring Break started the 13th.
We have a doctor's appointment for my son where his stitches is suppose to be removed.
Keeping my fingers crossed on that one.
I've got some half baked plans for Spring Break, but to what we will be doing for Spring Break will depend a lot on those stitches coming out.

Hope you are having a great Spring Break.
I'm off doing something with my kids.
It might just be a trip to town for ice cream.

Friday, March 13, 2015

2015 Aboutme - Petina Chambler

2015 Aboutme - Petina Chambler

One of my first blog entries was an about me entry.  
It is the most popular entry on my blog, 
I get an average of 5 people viewing it a day.
3/4 of them are coming from Social Networks. 
I have a link in my Profiles to the about me entry.
In setting up my G+ Profile, I found it was starting to look more like a resume.
I knew most people on the Social Networks don't want to know how many businesses I've done over the years.

My making the 1st about me page, was driven by my thoughts that some people will want to know more about me while others will not.

Is the link that they were going to before I updated my profiles.  
Now instead of a plain Jane Blog entry.  They get to watch a Video. 

There is a mistake in the video I am 1/4 Chickasaw not 3/4, sorry.
Keeping to the thoughts that most people clicking the link on my profile to learn more about me, aren't looking for my business history, I only mention my 1st business in the video.  So a lot of information about me that is on the old blog entry is not in the video.

Why run with a video that has such a big mistake in it?
I am human, I make mistakes.
In my 1st Video.  I talk about some of my hang ups.
In the above blog entry I write about my first video, and my hang ups.

A Perfectionist is another word for Procrastinator.
In life nothing is going to be Perfect.
If everything in my life had to be spic and span perfect, I would never upload an about me Video.
That is why, I'm running with the video mistakes and all.
I'm a High School drop out.  I did get my GED(General Education Diploma),
The car wreck destroyed my dreams, and it took me many years to recover from the injuries.

My life is full of mistakes and accidents that have made me who I am today.
Is who you are, not made up of your past mistakes, and the accidents that have happened to you?
My video mistake wasn't intentional.  But I'm going to own it.
If you noticed I was starting to get tongue tied, at the end of the video.
The next take, only ended up with more mistakes.

My kids are a part of who I am.


I am a mother before being a business woman.
I'm big on self help and self improvement.

So what can my business do for you?
As an individual, I can provide you with personalized items.
Like a coffee cup with your photo on it to show that is your coffee cup.

As a Business, I can provide you customized items.
T-shirts are walking billboards.
Don't let a limited advertising budget hold you back from contacting me.
Shoe String budgets is something I know well.

To contact me for Personalized and Customized items email me at

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Off the Wall- Wednesday March 11, 2015

Off the Wall- Wednesday March 11, 2015
He got in a fight with a cat and the window won.
Nothing has been going as planned, Lately.
I was lucky enough to have been a week ahead on my posts in Feb.
It was my plan to spend the last weekend of Feb to get March's posts ready to go.
Since Oklahoma was hit with bad weather.  But that had been wishful thinking on my part.

The chaos started Feb 20th.
My daughter's school called, telling me I had to come get her, she had Head Lice.
I had the school nurse to check my son.  He was clean of the little buggers.
So instead of working online, I was at war with the little buggers.
My mother did my daughter's hair while I washed and vacuumed the house on Saturday.
I don't think my kid's rooms have stayed clean this long ever.

Because of Bad Weather School was closed Monday 23th and Tuesday 24th.
She didn't pass Wednesday.  So we moved the futon out the house.  Since it was the only thing everyone but my son had in common, and me getting the vacuum after it wasn't cutting it.
We treated the rest of our hair.

All this time I'm collecting and tossing the bedding into the dryer every morning, including my son's.
I'm vacuuming the floors and the beds.  My mother is spending hours nit picking my daughter's hair.
Thursday and Friday she still wasn't clean of nits.
Yes, I was emptying the vacuum and taking it out every day.
I even started getting the vacuum after my daughter's hair.

The only thing I can figure out is the buggers were hitching rides on the dog and cat.  
Cause everything I was finding online says Lice can't live on dogs and cats.

Friday Feb 27th, we picked up my son early from school, another bad winter storm was dumping snow on us, and starting to make the roads bad.  So I was looking forward to having the weekend in to getting started on March's posts.

I spent Friday evening dyeing my hair.  My Salt and Pepper hair, was making it hard to see the nits in it.  Saturday morning  we dyed my mother's gray hair.  The dye jobs certainly made it easier to see the nits.  The dye, dyed the nits.  So after we nit picked each other I asked my son to get his clean clothes out of the laundry so I could have some room in the laundry room to work.

I came to my desk booting up the computer getting ready to do March 4th's off the wall blog entry.  I heard my son stomping to the laundry room, grumbling like a normal teenage boy.
So I thought to myself, ok I'll check my emails, then go hang up the load in the dryer then get serious about getting my blog entry done.

My son comes out of the laundry room wailing.  "I'm Bleeding!"
I sigh and get up thinking ok, so I'll put a band aid on the Drama Queen and get back to work.
GODS!!! There is a blood trail from the laundry room to the hall where he was sitting pressing a towel on his right ankle.

He is on blood thinners, so I didn't start panicing until I got a look at his ankle.
"Mom, I can see bone."  I hear him tell me as I pull the towel away to look at it.
The blood wasn't pumping out at me, so I wrapped the towel around his ankle and yelled at mom to get the car ready cause he needed stitches.  Then started getting ready to go to the emergency room.

I glanced into the laundry room to see the window on the back door was broken.  My daughter was starting to wail, that she didn't want her Bubby to die.  I told my dad about the broken window in the laundry room, told my daughter to stay out of the laundry room, and that she was going to stay home with her popey, while we were moving to head to the car.

We get him in the car and start moving to remember that I had forgotten to grab his medicine bottles.  So I yell to my mom to stop, cause I forgot his medicine.  Biggest Mistake I made there.  Which I discovered after I came running out of the house with the pill bottles in my coat pocket.

The car is stuck.  Under the snow is a layer of ice.  911 time.  
So my mom got to stay home with my daughter.
Luck was with the ambulance they didn't get stuck.  So we got to our local hospital.     
Where my brain decided to take a Fart. 

The poor nurses and doctors had to ask the questions three or more times before my brain would come up with anything more than an uhm or hum.
The fact that he had been seen there when he was in the bus wreck saved me from having to answer a lot of questions.
After the 14 stitches and we were sitting in the Lobby waiting for their father to come give us a ride home.  My son looks at me and says.
"Mom, you were embarrassing in there.  I don't know if the doctor believed me when I told him you aren't as stupid as you sounded in there."
I laughed.
"I bet he is use to seeing dumbfounded parents.  It just shows you how rattled you got me this time."

People have asked me how did he do it and I tell them, 
He got in a fight with a cat and the window won.
I've gotten to see a lot of confused faces when they try to figure that out.
He was kicking at one of the cats outside that was hanging on the door looking in and the window broke.


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