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Friday, May 1, 2015

Virtual Flea Market on Pinterest.

Virtual Flea Market on Pinterest.

One never knows what they will find at a Flea Market. 
It could be old, new, used. 

As a kid, Did you ever go to a Flea Market? Garage Sales? Treasure Hunts?

Do you remember how fun it was to see all the stuff people were trying to sell?
With the changing of times, more and more people are logging on to the internet to sell their stuff instead of loading the stuff up and going to the Flea Market or spending hours on setting up a Garage Sale at their home.
Gone are the days where the Flea Markets are over flowing with sellers, and Treasure Hunters.  As the Older Generation passes on and the New Generation comes into their own, the Flea Markets we remember will be gone with them.
Ebay, Amazon, and all the other online sites that enable people to sell their stuff online is the now and Future.
No longer can one upload their item and wait for it to be sold, cause your 1 of millions trying to get something sold online.  To insure your item sales, you got to make more people aware of your stuff your selling.
The Social Media Marketing Blogs that I keep up with have been hyping about Pinterest lately, so I decided to check it out and see for myself what the hype is all about.

Social Media Marketing on any of the Networks isn't easy, cause people aren't on the networks to hear sale pitches. They are on the Networks to Socialize with others and Pinterest is no different.

Pinterest is a Social Network that is based on images.  Not an Auction House or Online Store.

People on Pinterest are there to look at images that Interest them.
They are a little more open to Sale's Pitches.  If Done Right.
You need to know where you can plant your Sale's Pitch.

Read the Group Boards Rules.
To get a really good understanding of Pinterest you can check out what I've been pinning to my Pinterst Info board.

Follow Petina's board Pinterest info on Pinterest.
Anything and everything that focuses on Pinterest

To insure your item will sale on Ebay, Amazon, etc, you should already have an image of your item, your working with.

Remeber, Pinterest is a Social Network.
Link dumping is not an acceptable practice on any of the Social Networks.
Spamming a Group Board is not an acceptable practice on any of the Social Networks.

The Group Boards I'm sharing with you were created for the Online Shoppers in mind.

Group Boards on Pinterest that welcome Sale's Pitches:

Follow Petina's board Virtual Flea Market on Pinterest.

One never knows what they will find at a Flea Market. It could be old, new, used. Pic's must link directly to where one can buy the item online. NO PORN. This Board is for Products NOT SERVICES. Send Message to Petina for Invite to join Board.

Follow A Place's board Pinterest Cyber-Mall - Group Board - Follow for Invite on Pinterest.

Pinterest Cyber-Mall group board, a place for small business entrepreneurs to promote their products and services as well as a resource for people who love to shop! Post responsively - no spam/suggestive/excessive/nudity or repetitive posts or you will be removed from the board. For an invite, follow the board, and I will send your invite the following day. Welcome and Thanks for joining!

Follow Sustainable Living Center's board Support Home Based Business on Pinterest.

This board supports home based entrepreneurs, and people who love to shop online. Post to promote YOUR business or of interest to other people. NO spam/nudity/suggestive/excessive or repetitive posts or you will be removed from the board. There networking board are listed below: Recipes - Ideas Gardening -Ideas Homestead - Ideas Critters - Ideas Community - Ideas Energy - Ideas Click the "Follow" button below & we will send you an invite. Welcome & Happy Pinning

William's Board doesn't focus on products as much as an exchange of all kinds of information.

Follow William's board Pin Anything You Want on Pinterest.

Pin almost anything you want, no porn no nudity thanks .......
I do not own the rights to the images pinned on my boards.
Should you wish to have your image removed, please contact me.

Hope to see you on Pinterest.  Have a Great Weekend.


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