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Friday, November 28, 2014

My Son Eli Part 2

Ok, so here is more about my son.

I did not interact much with him as an infant.  I watched him from a distance.  I had been put on meds for depression and had to meet with a counselor once a week and meet the Doctor once a month.  I did that for 5 yrs.  In that time frame they changed it from Baby Blues to depression to me being Bipolar.

For my son, he hit all his growth marks early.  He started talking and walking, months before average babies do, he took to reading like a duckling takes to water.  He is reading in the collage levels now.
His being an only child was a reason I used to put him in Day Care after he turned 3.  I am an only child myself, and I really didn’t want that for him.  I wanted him to be able to interact with other children.  Sending him to Day Care, did create problems.  LOL.

He wasn’t talking to the Day Care Providers.  They suggested he should be tested for hearing problems.  So we had him tested.  We even ended up going to a specialist in the city to have him examined, but they found nothing wrong with his ear, throat or eyes.  He just wasn’t talking to people outside of the family.

LOL, after all that testing, and sharing the results with the Day Care, that there was nothing wrong with him another kid started being brought to the Day Care, that amazed the Providers cause my son and the boy hit it off.  They told me how the two boys would sit in a corner together playing and they never said a word to each other.

He did start talking to people outside the family after his little sister was born.  When he entered the school system, he again went back to a quiet boy; it was about the third month in school that he started talking.

I think it was second grade that we got called in to speak with the teacher.  She was complaining to us cause she was having trouble with him not putting his book away when it was time to move on to the next subject in class.  If a child finished a subject early the teacher encouraged the students to read while the other students worked on the assignment.

His father was unhappy with the fact he was a book worm and wanted to get him into sports.  I flat refused to let my son play American Football.  So in the end he played Soccer for a few seasons.

More of my son’s story will come next Friday.

Friday, November 21, 2014

My Son Eli Part 1

My mother suggested I do a blog entry about my son.  I have been thinking about it and found that it’s going to take a few blog entries to tell my son’s story.

I think every parent thinks their child is special, and they are.  Why do I think my son is so special, that I’m blogging about him?  Why do I feel the need to share his story with you?

A few people online know that I’ve been taking my son to see specialists.  The buck has stopped with a heart specialist, and my story doesn’t have an ending yet.  Sorry, I’m getting ahead of myself.

He is 15yrs right now, but in truth looking back at his life, his coming into the world wasn’t easy.

When he was in the womb I struggled with depression and suicidal thoughts,   he was the only thing that stopped me from following through with my suicide. 

In the womb one doctor noticed a heart mummer, so I was transferred to an older doctor that didn’t notice a heart mummer.  The doctor did notice in the 9th month that the scans of his growth rate had stopped and seemed to be regressing so my son came into the world by C-section,  weeks before due date a few ounces shy of 6 lbs.

I was struggling with depression so I really didn’t care that his father wouldn’t let anyone hold our son until 2 months after our son was born.

The bond between mother and child was not there for me.  I would look at him, and feel no emotional motherly bond with the baby. 

I pitied the baby, for being born to such a worthless mother.  The world was filled with women that can’t have babies, one of them would make a better mother to him then I will ever.   That was the thoughts in my head every time I looked at him.

New Year’s 2000, I was in a Mental Hospital under suicide watch.
 It’s funny, that it was there that I discovered that I wasn’t such a bad mother.  I wasn’t a druggie mother that wrapped her baby in a blanket so she could go see her dealer to get herself a fix in the middle of winter in a car that the heater didn’t work.  I wasn’t the drunken mother that passed out in the middle of fixing noodles for her kid and caused the house to catch on fire.
I got more out of those two mother’s sharing their stories with me while we were out in the court yard smoking cigarettes then I did the counselors and Dr.

More of my son’s story will come next Friday.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Veteran's Day.

Veteran’s Day was once known as Armistice Day.

Armistice Day was to honor the surviving Veterans of WW1.

Armistice Day changed to Veteran’s Day in 1954, so it would include the other surviving Veterans of the other wars and conflicts.

The government had tried to change the day of Veteran’s Day to another day, in 1978 a law went into effect that made Nov.  11, Veteran’s Day.

November 11, 1918 is the official day WW1 ended.   That is the main reason November 11, is Veteran’s Day.

Florence Green, the last known veteran of World War I, died on February 4, 2012 at age of 110.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Trick-A-Trunk, Sulphur, Oklahoma.

This is the entrance sign for the Trick-A-Trunk.
This is the notice on the entrance sign.
Trick-A-Trunk was started 6 to 7 years ago by some local Farmers and Ranches, who enjoy Halloween but no longer saw anyone coming to knock on their front door.  They understood the raising prices in gas, was a factor in why no one was coming to their door, anymore.
 With each passing year Trick-A-Trunk has became more popular.  I'm not sure when the churches, hopped in the trucks with the Ranchers and Farmers, but the union insured a big parking lot and increased the safety of the children coming to Trick-A-Trunk.
Since I mentioned Safety, I will just show you with this picture.  The adult in the background wearing the Highway Patrol Uniform is the real deal.
Since the Farmers and Ranches started Trick-A-Trunk they also started stocking up on candy months in advance for the event.  None of them were happy about the year they actually ran out of candy and had to make 3 runs to the local stores for candy.
They not only dress up their selves for Halloween, they also dress up their rides.
This Hooked Pirate which you can't see his hook, was one of the men that walked the line up of trunks checking to see if any of them needed candy.  I didn't get a chance to check my picture to make sure I had gotten the hook cause I was to busy trying to not get ran over by the next guy I got pictures of. 
They are always adding something new, and this was certainly a surprise.  Since I was having to scramble to get out of his way or be ran over.  None of my pictures of him were in focus cause it never failed when I pressed the button was when he started moving again. 

 This beauty wasn't a part of the Trick-A-Trunk line up, which is why I was able to get a good shot of it.  There were a few classic cars in the Trick-A-Trunk line up.

It was no surprise to me that my daughter came across some of her school friends that also came to the Trick-A-Trunk. 

We came across a lot of different characters.  
There was also all kind of characters that came to Trick-A-Trunk
I'll wrap this blog entry up with this little guy.  He had finished Trick-A-Trunk and was ready to go home to eat his goodies he got, but with the promise of another piece of candy he did take a moment to look at me so I could get this picture.  My daughter happily gave him one of her pieces of her candy since I didn't make her be in the picture.


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