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Friday, October 31, 2014

What is all the fussing Hype about TSU???

I had to check it out myself, when I came across an invite.
Ok, does TSU really pay you for your daily actives?  Yes

1st day of actives I was credited $0.04.  LOL. 
2nd  pay day was $0.12. LOL
3rd Day TSU was experiencing a lot of bug so I wasn’t expecting much.  It was $0.19
4th  Day  was also, $0.19. They were still experiencing bugs. 

The Banks updates once every 24hrs.

You are not going to get #rich by using TSU.

TSU is similar to Facebook they are both set up to Like, Comment and Share

How is TSU different from Facebook?

You are limited to 1000 things you can Like in 24hrs.

Your sharing other people’s posts limit  is 8 in 24hrs. 

You can only have up to 50 requests of Friendship out at any time.

I haven’t discovered a limit to comments.

You can only Follow 1000 people.

You can only join TSU through an invite.

I’m hoping my TSU Child is someone who is a business owner that is looking to join TSU to expand their business awareness on another network.

Tips and my take on TSU.

Before you do your 1st post there is a few things you should do after you finish your profile.  I hope your profile is a selfie or some type of picture of you.  Don’t use your business logo.

Up right corner you will find a drop down window that has your profile,  settings, sign out click on settings.  Click on notifications on the right side of screen.  Uncheck all the email notifications except for someone shared your post.

Click on Privacy section this is where you can uncheck receive friend request, and make other adjustments.

My suggestion for your 1st post is a profile post.  My profile post has the link to my blog and my online store in it, along with my profile pic.

Sharing other people’s post.  You can only do 8 a day.  Make your share’s count.  Don’t share a post that is minutes old.   Everyone has a post that is important to them, like their profile post.  Most people will make a point to share back a post, if you share one of theirs.  So take the time to look at their past posts or you can look under the hashtag #pmbcp

Joining TSU with my invite makes you my TSU child. (TSU term)

Good luck and hope to chat with you soon on TSU.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Getting Organized:

The fact of the matter the disorganization that surrounds us was not created in a single day, and we aren't going to get it organized in a single day.

Don't look at the whole picture or you're never going to want to get started on getting yourself organized.

Focus on one room.  Then divided the room up into the big objects in the room.  Once you have it divided up then you’re going to need.

1. Trash Bags- for the trash.

2. Boxes- you will want to mark the boxes:



Give away.  You might even go so far as to put names on the Giveaway boxes.

I have personally found that having some music playing helps me to getting the object in the room cleaned up and organized.

The rest of the room may still be in a cluttered mess, but being able to step back and see that you have that big object in the room organized.  Will give you the courage to start working on the next big object in the room.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Off the Wall Wednesday, Question.

I’m finding it difficult to do two posts a week, at this time.

Once things are more stable in my life, I will start doing my Off the Wall, Wednesday, again.  My son is my inspiration for my off the wall Wednesdays, but cause of the medical issues he has been having lately.  His mind has been more on remembering to take his pills, taking his blood pressure readings, and a lot of what if’s.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Color Blindness.

Ok my son has been looking at my blog every once in a while and he commented to me that I should add some background.  I laughed and asked him if he wanted his uncle Tommye and his Popeye to be able to see and read it?  Oh yeah I forgot about them.  Ok no backgrounds, but mom the blog is really dull.  I know, where is the art to the t-shirts?  LOL, my son told me he was working on it as he turned away.

For me and my family dealing with Color Blindness is an everyday thing, my poor father is even used for testing things on.  If he can't read it or make it out then it's back to the drawing board with what ever he was being testing on.

For someone who isn't color blind or have someone in the family that is color blind tend to not wonder if someone who is color blind can read their site.

Looking up the stats on Color Blindness the average was 1 out of 10 to 12 men are color blind.  The stats on women having color blindness is much lower.

Bells and whistles with lots of colors make for a pretty looking web site, to someone that isn't color blind, and if your web site isn't geared toward trying to sell or promote something then it really wouldn't matter if someone who is color blind can read the web site or not.

If you are someone who is selling or promoting something then feel free to drop your link in the comments and I'll get my uncle and father to see how color blind friendly your site is.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Would you let your children pick your dates?

As Parents we do have some influence about who our children befriend and date. 
As a single parent how much influence does our children have on who we befriend and date.
I'm far from being ready to start dating, but my son has been bringing up the subject.
So the question for Off the Wall Wednesday is.
Would you let your children pick your dates?  or Set you up on a blind date?

Friday, October 10, 2014

2014 Chickasaw Nation Annual Meeting & Festival

I'm not one that goes every year to the meeting, but my mother asked me if I wanted to go in front of my daughter. My daughter started jumping up and down saying she wanted to go. So-.

My daughter was up at 6am, on Saturday morning, shaking me telling me to get ready so Nanny, didn't leave without us. LOL. My mother is one that doesn't like waiting more then five minutes for anyone. But for once in a long time, we were ready to go long before she was. Ha Ha.
For my daughter this was her first time to the festival, for me it's been more then 10yrs, since I had been the last time. So I saw a lot of changes going on in the Tishomingo Area.

We got there in time for mom to put her ticket in the pot, I also had gotten an invitation and ticket for the meeting but hadn't seen it since I moved and organized my desk for work. I did find it after we got back from Tishomingo when I was looking for the paperwork my son needed for his doctor's appointment Monday.

My daughter enjoyed the fact she got to run around with the camera taking pictures. She even discovered one of her class mates was in the parade. So for a moment there I thought she was going to join in the parade.
She hasn't been happy with me for the fact that I've been using her camera to take pictures for work. She passed the camera to me a couple of times, which was mostly so I could take pictures of her.

My mother bought cheap cameras for both of my kids one Christmas, I think baby girl was 5 or 6 then. That 1st one didn't last long, but her Nanny, saw the budding talent my daughter has and this camera now has lasted my daughter for some years, and the 4 gb memory card is almost full.

She still has a few pictures that don't come out clear but your getting to see our day at the 2014 Chickasaw Annual Meeting through her eyes.
I'm actually running out of things to say.
What girl doesn't like horses?
Well Smokey the Bear wasn't the last of the parade, but I'm going to wrap this up with him. The man in the green hat certainly knew how to get my attention. LOL. I had turned away from watching the parade to watch the young lady that was about baby girl's age picking up her plastic ring, they were tossing to the kids. I hear someone yelling heads up so when I turn to look back toward the parade one of those rings goes flying inches from my face. That man was apologizing. I told him it didn't hit me, thanked him as I smiled and waved at him with the green ring, that almost hit me.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Minimum wages?

Sometimes I just have to shake my head and wonder what the majority of people are thinking.

Raising minimum wages does not help anyone.

When a company has to pay workers more money, they make up the difference by raising the prices on the products and services they offer.

So that means everything that is made with human hands goes up, food, gas, cars, etc.

Trying to think of something that is made in America that is done completely by machines.  Do you know of any?

Friday, October 3, 2014

Chocolate Lovers


For the above image on t-shirts or other items click here. For the chocolate it's self you will have to go to http://www.bedrechocolates.com/

Bedre is worth my time mentioning for the fact it is own by the Chickasaw Nation. For people that may be reading that live outside the United States, the Chickasaw Nation is one of the Native Americians Tribes.

The sparkles on the chocolate is from me having it in the freezer before taking pictures of the chocolate. My kids love the taste of the Bedre chocolate, so they got all excited when they saw me come out of the store with the little package of chocolate. They weren't to happy with me after they discovered they couldn't break it in half to eat until after I got pictures of it.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

How is your Wednesday going?

Off The Wall Wednesday:

Well, this one is a Scheduled Post, since I'm not sure just when I will get back from taking my son from seeing a Specialist in the City.

2hrs to get to the City, with a teenage boy and a tween girl. (Doesn't that sound like fun?)
She is being dragged along as well, since his appointment is at 2pm, and the bus drops the kids off at the house at 4pm.  The last time she came home by herself to find no one was home yet.  She was yelling at me with a tear stained face before I was out of the car, and she had been home by herself for maybe ten minutes before we drove into the drive way, and her aunt was home next door.  With so many unknowns going to be in play, the best option is to drag her along, cause I know for certain that I won't be able to get back from the City by 4pm.

I Hope Your Having a Great Off The Wall Wednesday.



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