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Thursday, September 11, 2014

About Me- Petina May Blackbird Chambler-Phelps

I grew up in a self employed family, my father was a large house hold appliance repair man.
My first business was a lemonade stand on the court house lawn, I was maybe six or seven.
At twelve I sold homemade hard candy suckers to my class mates.
At thirteen we moved into the country and I was in charge of the family fruit stand.
At fourteen we added a firework stand.
At fifteen we added snow cones.
Then the late 1990's the price fell on oil and many people including my father went looking for work in the bigger cities.
I was Assistant Apartment Manger under my mother, while my father worked for the Management Company as a repair man. The Management Company moved us around a lot, cause we specialized. We were what you would call fixers. We moved into the ran down apartments and built them back up and had them out of the red and back into the black under a year. The owner's wife of the Mangagement Company died, and his son didn't want to take over the business so he retired closing the business down.
It was then I got my first job working for someone that wasn't family. I took an after school job taking care of a kennel of dogs.
I got a sales job for a company that focused on selling items to the employees in businesses. I got in a car wreck the first day of working on my own. It was two weeks before my 19th birthday.
Dad moved us back to Sulphur, Oklahoma not long after I was released from the hospital.
My uncle talked my dad into starting a rabbit business. The guy that was suppose to buy the rabbits didn't show. So I started selling dressed rabbits around town. That is how I meet my husband.
I married him and became a house wife. In 1999, I became a mother of my son, in 2004 I became a mother to my baby girl.
I'm not sure about dates but I opened an Ebay store selling old paperback books sometime between 1999 and 2004 to bring in some extra money, but I didn't keep it up.
2014 opened an online Designer T-shirt and nick nack store, called What's Next? The Future.

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