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Friday, September 19, 2014

Your steps to starting a Business.(Part 2-1)

We already talked about how a business, either sales products or services, and where to get an idea for a business.

For someone starting a business for the first time there is an emotion phrase, that they tend to face. It's full of fears, and what if's.

They are like my daughter standing on the diving board at the deep end of a pool on the last day of our vaction. I can only imagine that as she stood on the board the first time she was thinking back to our first day of vacation and how we all discovered that the shallow end of the pool was over her head. I was already on the move to help my daughter by the time the other adults around us realized she was in trouble. I can remember seeing the fear in her eyes as I scooped her up to sit on my hip. I smiled at her as I told her how proud I was of her, but that hadn't been how I planned for her to learn how to swim. We put a swimming vest on her and she being the dare devil she is, was quickly back in the water with her brother and the other kids. The Diving Board did make her pause and back away three different times before she acutally jumped into the deep end of the pool.

All I could do to help my daughter face her fears of the deep end of the pool was to be in the water on the deep side, ready to come to her aid if she needed me once she jumped.

It's been so long ago since I started my first business that I don't remember what my fears were. What are your fears? Are you willing to share your fears?

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