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Friday, September 26, 2014

Your steps to starting a Business.(Part 2-2)

We already talked about how a business, either sales products or services, and where to get an idea for a business. We talked about fears first time buisness owners have.

So I will assume, your ready for the next step. A Business Plan.

This is where you start putting your idea for a business to paper. Your giving birth to your business idea. LUCKY, for you it's way less painful then giving actual birth to a child.
Lucky for me, I found http://www.bplans.com/

My Business Plans have always been simple, and I've never used my Business Plans to seek out investors other then my father. So I've spent serval hours searching and visiting a lot of different web sites. I've booked marked and spent even more time looking http://www.bplans.com/ over for my own personal gain.

http://www.bplans.com/ is a wealth of knowledge for someone that is on the path to starting their own Business.

I give them a 3 links mention in my blog, and a 10 Toes Vote.

So I'm off to find my What's Next? Subject.

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