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Friday, March 13, 2015

2015 Aboutme - Petina Chambler

2015 Aboutme - Petina Chambler

One of my first blog entries was an about me entry.  
It is the most popular entry on my blog, 
I get an average of 5 people viewing it a day.
3/4 of them are coming from Social Networks. 
I have a link in my Profiles to the about me entry.
In setting up my G+ Profile, I found it was starting to look more like a resume.
I knew most people on the Social Networks don't want to know how many businesses I've done over the years.

My making the 1st about me page, was driven by my thoughts that some people will want to know more about me while others will not.

Is the link that they were going to before I updated my profiles.  
Now instead of a plain Jane Blog entry.  They get to watch a Video. 

There is a mistake in the video I am 1/4 Chickasaw not 3/4, sorry.
Keeping to the thoughts that most people clicking the link on my profile to learn more about me, aren't looking for my business history, I only mention my 1st business in the video.  So a lot of information about me that is on the old blog entry is not in the video.

Why run with a video that has such a big mistake in it?
I am human, I make mistakes.
In my 1st Video.  I talk about some of my hang ups.
In the above blog entry I write about my first video, and my hang ups.

A Perfectionist is another word for Procrastinator.
In life nothing is going to be Perfect.
If everything in my life had to be spic and span perfect, I would never upload an about me Video.
That is why, I'm running with the video mistakes and all.
I'm a High School drop out.  I did get my GED(General Education Diploma),
The car wreck destroyed my dreams, and it took me many years to recover from the injuries.

My life is full of mistakes and accidents that have made me who I am today.
Is who you are, not made up of your past mistakes, and the accidents that have happened to you?
My video mistake wasn't intentional.  But I'm going to own it.
If you noticed I was starting to get tongue tied, at the end of the video.
The next take, only ended up with more mistakes.

My kids are a part of who I am.


I am a mother before being a business woman.
I'm big on self help and self improvement.

So what can my business do for you?
As an individual, I can provide you with personalized items.
Like a coffee cup with your photo on it to show that is your coffee cup.

As a Business, I can provide you customized items.
T-shirts are walking billboards.
Don't let a limited advertising budget hold you back from contacting me.
Shoe String budgets is something I know well.

To contact me for Personalized and Customized items email me at


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