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Friday, May 29, 2015

Whatever Fridays 5-29-2015

Whatever Fridays 5-29-2015

Whatever Fridays. What will I blog about next?

May 23, 2015, we went to the Artesian Arts Festival.
This was the 2nd year the Artesian Hotel did this event.
2015 Artesian Arts Festival.
The sponsors of this event are
Chickasaw Nation. , AdventureRoad.com , Chickasaw Country .

2015 Artesian Arts Festival, Artists Booths list.
Before going I knew that all the artists booths that were going to be there are Native American.
What I didn't know is that for any of the booths to be there they had to be Native American.
2015 Artesian Arts Festival, Large Map of Festival.

It blew me away that the event was many blocks long, and they had closed roads and put up detours for Hwy 7 traffic.  They had 2 event stages outside, and a stage inside that was of Artists Presentations.
2015 Artesian Arts Festival, Event's times and place.
This event didn't really require one to have money in their pocket, Unless you wanted something to drink and/or eat, or wanting to take home some of the art from the artists' booths.
My Daughter outside the Youth Tent, at 2015 Artesian Art Festival.
All the kids activities that was there was free, in the Youth Tent, kids could paint a ceramic turtle piggy bank, little hand size canvas, wooden snakes, feathers, etc.
My Daughter inside the Youth Tent, at 2015 Artesian Art Festival.

My daughter, bypassed on the paint to make herself a necklace which the wind kept blowing so none of the photos I took shows the front side of her finished necklace.

In video above you can see that she didn't bypass on the stunt jump, which was one of the free kid's activities they could do there.
chickasawcountry.com's tent  at 2015 Artesian Art Festival.
Sorry, I forgot to get the woman's name that was manning the chickasawcountry.com tent, when I asked her if she minded if her picture showed up on the web.

Ok, so my purpose for going was to get the kids out of the house.  I didn't have any business cards on me, but I had a handful of business cards of the artists that had booths there.  I spent my sunday sending emails out asking them if they would like to be mentioned here.

Tana Washington, and Vicki Lynn Somers got back with me.
Tana Washington picture
Tana Washington
What Tana wrote to me:
I'm a self taught artist.  I've been drawing and painting almost my entire life.  I discovered Scissor cuts by accident about 5 years ago and admired them but I didn't know how it was done.  I finally met the artist who really didn't want to explain it to me but did tell me a few things,  All the other stuff I figured out on my own.  It was definitely a learning process.  I gave most of them away as gifts to begin with.  I just enjoyed doing them.  They are unique and derive from silhouettes.  I do them in the form of images and the style that I do.  I've done some commission work, and that started me toward trying to sell as an income.  That show in Sulphur was actually my first show.  Tho I have entered 3 competitions and was awarded in all 3.  Cherokee National Holiday Show, The Five Civilized Tribes show and the Artesian Art Festival.  I entered a painting in Five tribes but the other 2 were Scissor cuts.
Tana Washington's booth photo at 2015 Artesian Festival.
Tana Washington's booth photo at 2015 Artesian Festival.
I hope you will click over onto her facebook and like her Art at
She has an online store where you can check out what she has up for sale.

Vicki Lynn Somers Custom Wood Turning.
Vicki Lynn Somers Custom Wood Turning.
Vicki Lynn Somers Custom Wood Turning.
What Vicki wrote to me:
Vicki Lynn Somers, wood turner and member of the Chickasaw Nation, lives outside Wynnewood, Oklahoma where she owns and operates her studio. Vicki is the great granddaughter of Chickasaw original enrollee Henry McGill. Growing up around equipment and construction she always had a love for building. Working over the years in communications and later in remodeling and construction she became interested in woodturning. Buying her first mini lathe she started making ink pens and small vases. Later she obtained a larger lathe and started making bigger bowls and vases. She continues to make pens and pencils and enjoys designing custom segmented bowls. Vicki cast her own custom blanks using such items as pine cones, balls from sweet gum tree, pecan hulls and peach seeds. She employs a variety of woods, both domestic and exotic along with corn cobs, antler, Alumilite®, and acrylic.
Vicki Lynn Somers Custom Wood Turning.pic 2
Vicki Lynn Somers Custom Wood Turning.pic 2
Vicki attended Miller Fillmore Elementary in Oklahoma City. She went on to attend Thomas Jefferson Jr High in the 7th grade. Her family moved to Texas where she went to Austin Jr High for the 8th & 9th grades. Vicki graduated from Garland High School, Garland Texas. She also attended North Texas University taking BCIS classes. After returning to Oklahoma Vicki has taken several classes at Mid-American Technology in Wayne, Oklahoma.
Vicki was a contestant and participant in the 2014 Southeastern Art Show and Market (SEASAM). She also participated in the 2015 Tobanchi Kanchi Market. Entering in the 2015 Artesian Art Festival and contest Vicki placed 2nd in the 3D-Open category with her custom bowl made of maple and crushed turquoise acrylic.
Besides creating custom turnings & woodworks Vicki enjoys Bluegrass, Gospel and Country music playing the guitar, mandolin and fiddle.

Vicki Lynn Somers
PO Box 171
Wynnewood, OK 73098

Hope you are having a Great Whatever Friday.
Hope you have an even Greater Weekend. 

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Off the Wall- Wednesday May 27, 2015

Off the Wall- Wednesday May 27, 2015

I hope this Off the Wall-Wednesday finds you good.

My son strikes again.
My Grass is Greener Cause you Been Pissing On it.
It amazes me at times what comes out of my son's mouth.
After he said that to me I dropped what I was doing and ran for a pen & paper to write it down so I wouldn't forget.
But something happened before I was able to get the pen & paper in hand, so hours later when I remembered there was something I wanted to write down I had to go ask him what it was again.
Thankfully he knows his mommy so well that he already had the wording trimmed down to fit a shirt design.

Since I also have been doing doggie shirts.  I did one a little different for your dog to wear.
What isn't that My Job?

The design isn't just limited to the doggie shirt.
The limit on the combination of the two designs is limited to your sense of humor.

What?  Isn't that My Job?
Hope you have a great Off the Wall-Wednesday.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Whatever Fridays 5-22-2015

Whatever Fridays 5-22-2015
Whatever Fridays
Whatever Fridays.
Is what my Friday's blog entries have been about, and in truth I don't know why I haven't been using the title for it to begin with like I did with my Off the Wall-Wednesdays.

It took me having no electricity and sitting down with a notebook to working up a layout for my website.  For me to ask myself that question.

Finding My Own Path to Success.
Finding My Own Path to Success.
When I started my blog months ago I knew what my objectives were, just didn't really know how I was going to be doing things to accomplish my objectives.

I didn't wake up just one day and decided to start a business online, I had been doing research for a while before I started this blog, if certain things in my life hadn't came to be I wouldn't have started my blog until Jan 2015.  This Blog title would be different as well.

I needed a blog that allowed me to learn as I go, which this one is certainly allowing me to learn a lot, as I go.
How to Fail.
How to Fail.

  1. I will admit I started my blog with a half baked plan.
  2. I've been consistence in the fact that I've successfully done at least 1 blog post a week.  (Since I've started blogging.) 
  3. I have two kids, so I leave the chasing the shiny new objects to them.
  4. Laugh out Loud.  This post is Something.

Finding My Own Style.
Finding My Own Style.
A writer has their own Style and Voice that comes out in their writings.
Don't let anyone tell you that a Blogger isn't a Writer.
Blogging is just a different Style of Writing, is all.

A Blogger goes to Print every time they click on the Publish button to make their blog entries go public.

One of the Bloggers I keep up with is Rohan Chaubey.
He gets deeper into the darker side of blogging with Lessons from Expert Bloggers.

Clicking on the image below will take you to my store where you can buy your own,
Finding My Own Style T-Shirt.
Finding My Own Path to Success.
Finding My Own Path to Success.
For you and your dog.
Finding My Own Path to Success.
Finding My Own Path to Success.
Get yourself a new mug.

Hope you are having a Great Whatever Friday.
Hope you have a even Greater Weekend.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Off the Wall- Wednesday May 20, 2015

Off the Wall- Wednesday May 20, 2015

Gods I'm following a lot of collections on G+?  Laugh out Loud.  I guess when someone I'm following starts a collection I automatically follow that collection.  I'm working on getting my posts more organized and sorted into collections.  I like the idea that I can now follow the parts of your G+ activities that interests me the most about you, and you can do the same to me.
Off the Wall-Wednesday.
It's Off the Wall-Wednesday!!!!
School has been out for my kids for 3 days now.
Starting to pull my hair out, With all the distractions.
Are you Chasing the Chicken?
Laugh out Loud, my kids aren't the main source of the distractions lately, you might think they would be since School is out, but I'm surprised that the distractions are coming from outside the house hold.

Last week, the biggest distraction came in the form of a squirrel.  I was working on getting the post done and up for Friday, (which didn't happen.)  I hear a loud popping sound outside then the electricity goes off.

Cordless phones are nice to have, but there is a serious problem with them as well.  They need electricity to work.  If I had my own cell phone, fixing the problem would of been SO easy.
We Learn from our Mistakes.
My son was at school, with his phone, Mom and Dad were gone with theirs,  My aunt and cousin that lives a ways to the West of us, weren't home.  So I had to wait for someone to come home.

Once the electricity was back on I boot the computer up and discovered the only thing saved was the Title, everything else gone, and it's time to go get the kids from school.  Get the kids feed and off to bed to sit down to start working on it, again loose electricity cause of a storm.

I was having serious What's Next? Issues.  Which is why there was no Friday blog posting.
I'm not trying to make excuses, I'm trying to show you that sometimes things are just so beyond your control that your going to miss a dead line.  Sitting down the day before the dead line isn't the best habit to have.
You Only Have the Power to Change Yourself.
Missing a dead line, reflects badly on you, so don't let it become a habit.  Better planning, will do miracles in seeing that you don't miss another dead line.
How to Fail.
So I've been really busy lately that I've not had much time to get on any of the social networks to do more then glance over my account then go to work.  So I saw that G+ added a new feature called Collections.  So the other night I sat down and focused on learning about the new feature.  LOL
Virtual Flea Market.
Virtual Flea Market is one of my collections on G+ now.  I found that I don't have much under that collection, yet.

I did find that I had a lot that went into my Off-The Wall-Wednesday Collection on G+

I'll be adding some more collections to my G+ soon.
Life is A Work In Progress
So I'm coming to an the end of this Off the Wall-Wednesday.
I really have a bad habit of not doing a call to action at the end of my blog entries.
Which I am working on changing.

Clicking on the image below will take you to my store where you can buy your own,
Life is a Work in Progress T-Shirt.

Life is A Work In Progress
For You and Your Dog.
Life is A Work In Progress
Get Yourself a New Mug.
Hope you have a Great Off the Wall-Wednesday.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Off the Wall- Wednesday May 13, 2015

Off the Wall- Wednesday May 13, 2015

Finding something laughable to share with you on Wednesday.  Is not always an easy task for me.

It's not easy finding things to laugh and share, when so many things in our life is under reconstruction.  I won't bore you with the details.

Laughter is the best and fastest stress reliever there is.
Your body can't keep your muscle tightened up that comes with stress, if your laughing.

Letting my kids have control of the video camera, means I'm not always certain what I'll find on the memory chip.

It's been trying to rain or raining since we went for walks in the park.  So I've been looking at the stuff on the memory chip, since my kids aren't interested in going for a walk in the park with a good chance of them getting rained on again.
My son is behind the camera in most of the one above.
My daughter is behind the camera in most of this one.

I hope you get a chuckle out of them.
Thanks for coming by.
Hope you come back by to see what we are up to next.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Next Friday is the Last Day of School for my kids.

Next Friday is the Last Day of School for my kids.

Please watch the video, and click the thumbs up on the video at the bottom.

Still haven't figured out if we are going to go anywhere for summer vacation.
For my son,
He had heard about a summer work program.
He tells me about different programs, he has heard about and wants me to find out more information about the ones that interest him.

More often then not the program he is interested in, the due date to sign up and turn paperwork in has past or the paper work is due the day, I'm asking about it.

This time around he gave me enough heads up that we had a few days to work with before the paper work was due.  So he will most likely be busy with his summer job, meaning that a family vacation will have to work around his summer job.

For my Daughter,
So far she has not come home carrying a letter from the school, informing me that she has been recommended that she attends summer school.  She has been hinting that she wants to go to Arkansas, to visit a cousin. (Cause her having to go to summer school, the past years have prevented us from even considering going to visit again.)  So far that is an option that is on the table.  Unless I get another letter from her school next week.  It's in the future.  It will get here when it gets here.

Monday I surprised the kids by picking them up from school by myself and we have been going for walks in different areas in the park, with the video camera being passed around.
It's a Jazz HDV 140 Video Recorder with Camera, that you can buy at Wal-Mart with a $20.00 dollar bill and pocket change.  It doesn't come with video card, so that was another $20.00 dollar bill.
It's something to get started with, and if it ends up getting broken.  I won't be freaking out.  (Will a memory card survive if it falls in water?  Knock on wood, I hope I won't have to find out.)

So, with the video camera being passed around on our walks, this past week, there is 99 little video clips on the memory card for me to work with.  So my first video I'm presenting is called bolearning.

My little camera gal is getting comfortable with the video camera and learning how to use it.  So soon she will be ready, to start doing some Ask Our Grandpa videos.

Please watch the video, and click the thumbs up on the video, above.

Thanks for stopping by, hope you come back and see what we are up to again soon.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Off the Wall- Wednesday May 6, 2015

Off the Wall- Wednesday May 6, 2015

Hope everyone is having a Great Off The Wall-Wednesday.
I'm still on a search for something to make me laugh so hard that I start snorting.
My son is trying but I guess the fact that I know he has camera in hand.
Is making me self aware, and holding back, but something good will come along,
and I won't be able to hold back then.

Talking about my son, some more he loves his I-Pod.
Wireless Modems was the neatest thing to happen for our family.
Or maybe not, since my son tends to not come out of his room much.
These Days.

Ever since the I-Pod, We see him less and when we ask him to do something.
I end up feeling like a Nag since it's an hour later, and what was asked of him still needs to be done.

The gadgets, gizmos, and thingamabobs, are nice to have about, but there is days that I don't find them useful at all, since I have to resort to threatening to take the different electronic gadgets  away before my kids will get up and do what was asked of them.

How about you?  Do you have trouble getting your kids to put the gizmos down to do their chores around the house?

Friday, May 1, 2015

Virtual Flea Market on Pinterest.

Virtual Flea Market on Pinterest.

One never knows what they will find at a Flea Market. 
It could be old, new, used. 

As a kid, Did you ever go to a Flea Market? Garage Sales? Treasure Hunts?

Do you remember how fun it was to see all the stuff people were trying to sell?
With the changing of times, more and more people are logging on to the internet to sell their stuff instead of loading the stuff up and going to the Flea Market or spending hours on setting up a Garage Sale at their home.
Gone are the days where the Flea Markets are over flowing with sellers, and Treasure Hunters.  As the Older Generation passes on and the New Generation comes into their own, the Flea Markets we remember will be gone with them.
Ebay, Amazon, and all the other online sites that enable people to sell their stuff online is the now and Future.
No longer can one upload their item and wait for it to be sold, cause your 1 of millions trying to get something sold online.  To insure your item sales, you got to make more people aware of your stuff your selling.
The Social Media Marketing Blogs that I keep up with have been hyping about Pinterest lately, so I decided to check it out and see for myself what the hype is all about.

Social Media Marketing on any of the Networks isn't easy, cause people aren't on the networks to hear sale pitches. They are on the Networks to Socialize with others and Pinterest is no different.

Pinterest is a Social Network that is based on images.  Not an Auction House or Online Store.

People on Pinterest are there to look at images that Interest them.
They are a little more open to Sale's Pitches.  If Done Right.
You need to know where you can plant your Sale's Pitch.

Read the Group Boards Rules.
To get a really good understanding of Pinterest you can check out what I've been pinning to my Pinterst Info board.

Follow Petina's board Pinterest info on Pinterest.
Anything and everything that focuses on Pinterest

To insure your item will sale on Ebay, Amazon, etc, you should already have an image of your item, your working with.

Remeber, Pinterest is a Social Network.
Link dumping is not an acceptable practice on any of the Social Networks.
Spamming a Group Board is not an acceptable practice on any of the Social Networks.

The Group Boards I'm sharing with you were created for the Online Shoppers in mind.

Group Boards on Pinterest that welcome Sale's Pitches:

Follow Petina's board Virtual Flea Market on Pinterest.

One never knows what they will find at a Flea Market. It could be old, new, used. Pic's must link directly to where one can buy the item online. NO PORN. This Board is for Products NOT SERVICES. Send Message to Petina for Invite to join Board.

Follow A Place's board Pinterest Cyber-Mall - Group Board - Follow for Invite on Pinterest.

Pinterest Cyber-Mall group board, a place for small business entrepreneurs to promote their products and services as well as a resource for people who love to shop! Post responsively - no spam/suggestive/excessive/nudity or repetitive posts or you will be removed from the board. For an invite, follow the board, and I will send your invite the following day. Welcome and Thanks for joining!

Follow Sustainable Living Center's board Support Home Based Business on Pinterest.

This board supports home based entrepreneurs, and people who love to shop online. Post to promote YOUR business or of interest to other people. NO spam/nudity/suggestive/excessive or repetitive posts or you will be removed from the board. There networking board are listed below: Recipes - Ideas Gardening -Ideas Homestead - Ideas Critters - Ideas Community - Ideas Energy - Ideas Click the "Follow" button below & we will send you an invite. Welcome & Happy Pinning

William's Board doesn't focus on products as much as an exchange of all kinds of information.

Follow William's board Pin Anything You Want on Pinterest.

Pin almost anything you want, no porn no nudity thanks .......
I do not own the rights to the images pinned on my boards.
Should you wish to have your image removed, please contact me.

Hope to see you on Pinterest.  Have a Great Weekend.


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