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Friday, June 19, 2015

Whatever Fridays - Jack of all trades, master of none does not put money in your pocket !

Whatever Fridays,  

Jack of all trades,

master of none

 does not put money

 in your pocket !

Whatever Fridays,  6-19-2015, Sometimes it's pays to just be my scattered brain self.
I hope that you are having a Great Whatever Friday.

Being a jack of all trades, master of none does not put money in your pocket !

That saying makes me laugh these days.
I'm laughing cause' I've been hearing it a lot lately.
Each one of the people that have said that to me happen to have been a male.
I will not place their names here, but I will thank them for their words.

For pissing me off.  I needed that anger.

If a mother is not a Jack of all Trades, then what is she supposed to be?
The only dang thing I will claim to be a Master of  Being;is a Mother.
It's the only thing in my life that I am confident about.
I'm sorry guys, but your words would have more meaning if it was being said by a woman.
But then it would of had an actual impact on me last month.  Now I just have to laugh.

Words are considered truth until someone can come along and prove the people preaching the words to be false.

Is a Jack of all trades going to make big amounts of money like someone who is seen as a Master?
NO, they aren't.
There is so many different options for an online marketer to chose from.

1. Online Marketing
2. Internet Marketing
3. Web Marketing
4. Digital Marketing
5. Search Engine Marketing
6. Network Marketing
7. Affiliate Marketing
8. Video Marketing
9. Social Media Marketing
10. Email Marketing
11. Content Marketing
12. Paid Marketing
13 Blogging

One can not help but feel like they are chasing the Chicken.  I just noticed I missed a couple of other options, but I think what is already there is more then enough for you to get the picture.
 My Blog is titled  What's Next? The Future.  I got a better idea about how I'm going to get where I want to be, than I did yesterday, and tomorrow I will have an even a better plan on how to get where I'm going.
There is no right way, or wrong way.  There is just the way that works for you.
Do I recommend for you to try being a Jack of all trades?

No! I don't recommend it if your main objective is to make money.

Do I recommend a Marketer just starting out to start with a blog?  No!!!
The really good blogs are using all the Marketing options I mention above.

Hope you are having a Great Whatever Friday.

Hope you have an even Greater Weekend.  

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