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Friday, June 12, 2015

I made my 1st Online Dollar.

Whatever Fridays June 12,2015

For any business that 1st Dollar is a big deal.
I don't remember at what age I asked about the framed dollar bill on the wall of a local restaurant that I went to with my family as a child.
It was then that my parents explained to me that it was the 1st dollar the business had made.

Now days people snort at a dollar bill.  But it's a dollar made.
When I told my son we made a dollar he rolled his eyes.  Ask if I was done talking then proceeded to tell me about his day after I told him yes.
He is a teenager, and later I did hear a "I'm proud of you mom" out of him later.
I made my 1st Online Dollar.

I was rather confused about how the heck I made the dollar myself.
I spent over an hour trying to figure out where it came from cause I couldn't find where I had sold a shirt.

It was the Affiliate Program that I have with them where I made my 1st dollar.  I had forgotten that my Affiliate Link is at the bottom of this blog.
Are you Chasing the Chicken?  Is Money your Chicken?
Is Money your Chicken?
I haven't been Chasing the Money Chicken.  If I was there would be ads all over this blog.
I've been chasing the Knowledge Chicken.
I'm old enough to know that Knowledge is more valuable than Money.
Give a Man a Dollar, He will Eat for a Day.  Teach a Man to Farm, He will Never Hunger, Again.
Give a Man a Dollar, He will Eat for a Day.  Teach a Man to Farm, He will Never Hunger, Again.
It was a saying I grew up hearing my parents and grandparents telling me.  
The truth in those words still are true for this day and age.
There are some very old sayings that no matter how much time passes and things change around us they will continue to hold true.

You are an Amazing Person.
Hope you come back next Week.
I Am Amazing Dog T-Shirt.
I Am Amazing Dog T-Shirt.

Hope you are having a Great Whatever Friday.
Hope you have an even Greater Weekend.  

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