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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Your Child posted What on Facebook?

Off the Wall-Wednesday 6-10-2015
Off the Wall-Wednesday 6-10-2015, Is it just another story about my son?
Off the Wall-Wednesday 6-10-2015
Hope you are having a Great Off the Wall-Wednesday.  I'm not going to bother trying to make you laugh today.  I'm going to be serious with you parents out there.

I've been lucky(knock on wood) in the fact that I've not gotten a phone call from a family member telling me to go look at my son's facebook timeline.

But Many times over the years I have seen things on children's Facebook timelines.  That made me go "Oh, someone is going to be in some serious trouble when their parents see that." and I made a point to go tell my son how thankful that I am to have him as my son.

It was then that my son reminded me about a video, that I made them watch with me years ago.

I had just started letting my son start using Facebook back then and my son was misbehaving and fighting me about not wanting to do chores.  So when I came across the video, I used it to open a discussion with my kids.
It didn't take me long to find the video again once my son reminded me of the video.

(Questions I remember asking my son after he watched the video with me years ago.)

Was the father in the video right in what he did as a punishment?
  1. Where did you think the money came from to pay for the laptop?
Is the father in the video wrong in asking for the chores to be done?
  1. Do you think the father makes her pay him for the food in their fridge that she eats?
  2. Do you think the father makes her pay for the clothes she wears?
  3. Do you think that father doesn't do things for his daughter when she asks him?
  4. Do you think his asking her to do chores around the house any different then her ask him to do things for her?
The father states very clearing in the video that it's not a first time offense.
  1. Why do you think that father had to make a video and put it on youtube?
  2. Do you really think that father wanted to punish his daughter using youtube?
  3. How do you think I will react if you do something like, his daughter did to him?
Am I such a bad mother for telling you, you are grounded from the computer?
  1. You could be in that daughter's shoes and no longer have a computer at all.

So I'm almost done.

I asked my son "If the man in the video was your father, would you be proud to wear the shirt below?"  He answered, "Yes mother."

How about your kid?  Would he or she wear the T-Shirt below?
 My Daddy is #1 in The Universe T-shirt.
Clicking on shirt will open a new window where you can buy the T-shirt.

Hope you have a great Off the Wall-Wednesday.

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